Why Choose GRCA

As a learning institution we'll do the following for your child:

High Academic Standards

Provide personal attention, small classes, high academic standards and a stimulating, supportive and challenging environment.

Dedicated Teachers

Engage a strong, dedicated, caring faculty that is respected and revered and has a voice in school-level decisions.


See each child as a unique individual with a focus on the whole person and promote responsible citizenship.

Relationship Matters

Foster relationships and require pro-social behavior (good manners, respect for others, honesty and personal responsibility)

Our Growing Learning Community

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Our Happy Partners!

Our little family is a newbie to GRCA. And I would have to say that this team has the most commited, motivated and engaging staff. It is one of the very few schools who also has a sense of community involvement. Truth be told, whenever we see our son’s joy and growth in every single acitivities in school made us realized that Yes, we have definitely chosen the right school to help us shaped our son’s future, even molding his heart for compassion & humanity. Kudos to Team GRCA!!!


Mae Delante

GRCA Parent

GRCA not only offers quality education, but also a safe haven for our kids. They have provided a safe and nurturing environment for our kids to grow, learn and have fun. Their environment is full of love, support and acceptance.No discrimination & no bullying. MOREOVER, there is a good collaboration with the teachers-parents-child’s therapist. Lastly, the school’s directress & administrators are very much open and willing to address the child’s needs in any ways they could, because they believe with the child’s potential and what the child could achieve..


Mench Marie Suner - Pilones

Happy Hands Pediatric and Adult Therapy Center

As I step foot in GRCA, I promised myself to become a better student and a more sensible individual. Luckily and so honored, I, Lenchee Vhea Laurente has been elected as SSG PRESIDENT. Without the whole team, the teachers, staffs and the student’s trust,  I will never be in this position. I may lack knowledge about the school and in serving but i am so much grateful for the trust they have given me. They have showed me that the school is not only a school but also our home. A home where teachers and staff could be your family. I could still remember since day 1 how the whole GRCA family welcomed us with arms wide open. They let us feel like we are part of them and together we can make the school a better place to learn. Positivity were steered. Harmony and union were applied. Camaraderies were built to support family virtues and to put and give LOVE above all. These values are taught,trained and valued in GRCA only. GRCA helped me realize that i can be better and  I will be better. 


Lenchee Vhea Laurente

Grade 11 Student
SSG President

In behalf of the teachers and the entire 60 employees of GRCA, We are very thankful to the school most especialIy to the Founders,  Madam Green and Sir Jun that despite of the pandemic that were facing recently,  they always make sure that we the whole GRCA workforce are safe. We do really appreciate their dedication.  They don’t care about facing anything else just to ensure the safety and needs   of their employees, forgetting the power of the contagion that the virus has. They took risk just to send us enough goods every week  that we can consume during ECQ. GRCA would’nt  allow any of its employees to  have an empty stomach during the quarantine..They treated us with much care and love. In GRCA, we are not employees, we are truly a FAMILY. We are loved and taken cared of..Thank you GRCA!


Ms. Jenny Rose P. Morales

Primary Deprtment Teacher
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